woensdag 8 augustus 2012

How to write an Academic Article - Quick Guide

If you ever have to write an academic article, follow the below guideline and you're safe:

The following article describes the study into [insert theme] which is an important framework for [insert theory] which has been the [insert either: ‘leading paradigm in the field for the past years’, or ‘paradigm that has undergone a shift in latter years’]. This paper describes the study into [brief description here].
The Study
[Describe the metodology, research and results, use a lot of quotes and references, avoid as much as possible original research, but add some statistics and results. Use complicated words at will and sentences shall be combined into long complicated structures with many adjectives and commas. One or two scattergraphs are cool.]
This study has given us greater understanding of [insert theory]. More research is recommended.

Make sure the title is impossibly long and about some ridiculous detail of your research. Like: "The Influence of the Lovelife of the Madagarscar Blowfly on Safety Consciousness in a Postmodern Society within a Brownian Motion Model"

Follow APA rules for layout to make it additionally unappealing (you wouldn't want anybody accidently reading this, being publish should be sufficient).

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